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It all started thirty-six years ago, on a school bus back home in the mountains of Pleasant Valley New York...

Nicole and I would be sharing a seat, listening to The Knack on my prized Realistic AM/FM Cassette Recorder :p watching out the window, mesmerized by the farms and rolling fields that we rode by in that yellow beast of a bus! We couldn't stop dreaming about how cool it would be to have a farm of our own one day...


"You've come a long way, baby!"

I've just stumbled upon a pic from my very first photoshoot from back in the day, and once again I reflect on my journey with a smile.

I was simply a "self-taught" photog, who went on to become an award winning artist featured in art galleries, juried exhibits, creative instructor, on-air guest and more! I've shot for HARLEY DAVIDSON, THE OUTDOOR CHANNEL, WRAL NEWS, World Premier FILMS at CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, magazines in US and Canada, and confidential clients along the entire east coast. I've collaborated with the most talented Musicians, Actors, Directors, Producers, Crew Members and Creatives, while donating time and resources to support, advocate or raise funds wherever needed.

It's been a crazy journey, with plenty of twists, turns and outright stop signs along the way, but the life lessons learned are priceless tools to own forever. I've learned to trust the process and be open to all things. My boots are on and walking stick is in hand along with no clue as to what awaits around the bend! The one thing I do know is: when I look back at this path, there's always a smile...and that timeless 1970's advertising slogan that was drilled into our heads" Lisa Michael

#youvecomealongwaybaby #dontevergiveuponyourdreams

Be well, blessed be...

Lisa Michael



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