"If you build it, they will come."


Parents of young lifelong learners have expressed a desire to be able to enroll their preschool and kindergarten aged children in a nearby program. Only minutes from West Asheville and the former Sacred Mountain facility, LITTLE ACORN ACADEMY is that new nearby school!

Our school's founder, Jennifer Brantley is a certified teacher whose educational approach over the past ten years is a unique meld of both MONTESSORI and WALDORF philosophies. Jennifer is eager to share her gifts, skills and talents with the world changers of the future and extends a warm welcome to parents, community members and anyone who shares this vision to connect with her in order to learn more. The mission of LITTLE ACORN ACADEMY is simple...to cultivate within each little acorn, a strong sense of self paired in perfect synergy with a deep rooted understanding of a world that will soon be entrusted to their care. We believe that there's nothing more beautiful than honoring each child by providing them a balanced, natural setting in which to cultivate both innate and higher self while exploring and connecting to the world in a safe, peaceful environment.


The academy hosts a variety of experiences that support both STUDENT LEARNING and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT while instilling deep connections to nature, community, and a commitment to a healthy sustainable future.


*Children's Farmyard Group Visits

Life-long learners participate in scheduled activities or explore the farmyard at their own pace.

*Agricultural Education

Hands-on agricultural experiences that foster community partnerships while increasing working knowledge of livestock management, nature based lifestyles and the role of NC farmers. Students build the skills necessary to become honorable stewards of nature itself.

"A Farm for Every Classroom"

Reach out to us, schedule a visit to LITTLE ACORN ACADEMY...become inspired and gain clear insight as to how we can work together to change the world, one student at a time...


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